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Malakoff Interstate Fellowship Ride


At a Glance


Over 700 cyclists from around Malaysia are expected to brave the 250 km Malakoff Inter-state Fellowship Ride 2011 covering the three states of Penang, Perak and Kedah. The two-day Ride spans over 31 December 2012 and 1 January 2013, covering challenging terrains of 180 km and 70 km, respectively.

The Ride is co organised by The Penang State Government, Penang Sports Council, KOTRT and Malakoff Corporation Berhad (Malakoff) and is part of the Company's flagship corporate social responsibility platform – the Malakoff Community Partnerships. Through this Ride, Malakoff aims to combine sports and healthy living with community outreach. While the participants paddle into the dawn of 2012 traversing route with a reinforced commitment to healthy lifestyles, they also aim to raise fund for charity organisations that will be announced during the event launch.

To ensure a smooth and safe ride, authorities from Polis Diraja Malaysia, Majlis Perbandaran Pulau Pinang, Majlis Perbandaran Seberang Perai (MPSP), Juru Auto City, Malaysian Highway Authority (LLM), KTM Motonation and Delta Business Solutions will be working together to extend necessary support.

Entry fee is RM55.00, non-refundable. Entry fees collected will be channeled to charitable organisations. Ride with a cause.

More info

It's the last cycling event of 2012 and also the opening cycling event for the year 2013. Come and join us cycle through Pulau Pinang, Kedah and Perak in a single day. See the rustic kampung scene you have almost forgotten. Check out roads forgotten by motorist and do it VIP style, escorted.

Day 1, 31 December 2012, will take you through 180km of rustic kampung charm. The road is flat with minor climbs and best of all it is shaded almost 80% of the route. With 3 feeding stops thrown in, it is definitely a doable ride for cyclists of all levels.

Day 2, 1 January 2013, will take cyclists around Penang Island passing through roads that allow you to look at Penang from a very different angle. There has been many round island rides but none can compare to this! This 70km route will leave you beaming with pride and bragging rights after completing it.

Experienced Marshals from PDRM with credential of marshalling the Le Tour de Langkawi will be roped in to ensure you a VIP ride.

For RM55.00, you'll get goodies from sponsors and a cool cycling jersey. To add value to your money, your registration fees will be donated to charitable organisations.

Registrations close upon reaching 700 registered participants. Come and join us. Register now. It doesn't matter whether you are riding only one day or both days or not sure you can make it on the day. Whether you are riding or not sure of even starting, your registration fees go to charitable organisations. Wait no more. Register now before the registration closes or forever hold your peace.

(All you wanted to know but too macho to ask!)

1. What is the Malakoff Interstate Fellowship Ride? 
It is a recreational event that caters to all levels of road-biking enthusiasts from beginners, weekend roadies to hardcore competitors. 
It is NOT a race, per se, but more to promote fellowship, cycling tourism and healthy lifestyle. PLEASE OBSERVE ALL TRAFFIC RULES AND REGULATIONS ALL THE TIME. 
This is the time to savor the beautiful scenery and camaraderie with your fellow roadies. The focus is on Fun, Food and Fellowship.

2. How much financial damage do I need to incur to enjoy this event?
Well, you get to ride with hundreds of your fellow roadies and at the same time do your bit for a charitable cause! 

After the ride on Day 1, you will be treated to light lunch. On Day 2, you will be treated to Penang's famous local Malay culinary delights.

You will also get our event souvenir cycling jersey, lots of sponsored goodies, an exclusive finisher certificate, and the chance to win awesome lucky draw prizes. What more can you ask for? ..and ALL this for a measly RM55.00 per person!

3. Wow, can I still sign up for this event?
We have started taking entries with immediate effect and we are closing when the set limit of 700 participants is reached. WE WOULD MAKE OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT WHEN REGISTRATION IS CLOSED. Please refer to this web site, not your friends or bike shop for updates.

4. How is the route like? Is it very tough?
The two days (years) ride spans over 31st December 2012 and 1st January 2013. 

Day 1 covers a distance of 180km.

Day 2 covers moderately challenging terrains of 70km.


4. What is my preparation?
Have a good working condition road bike. Be SELF-SUFFICIENT i.e. 2 FULL size drinking bottles, and the usual bike accessories like multi-tool, spare tubes, mini pump or Co2 cartridge. An enduring spirit to complete the ride, COMMON SENSE to obey ALL road and traffic regulations! Your sense of humor to enjoy the road, the scorching sun and the company of your fellow roadies will help. 
Ride hard, ride SAFE and have FUN! Last but not least remember to smile.

5. Are there any water stations or feed stops?

There are 2 water stations for refill and feeding during the day 1 ride.

3 water stations will be set up for the day 2 ride.

A bike mechanic will sweep the ride. In case of breakdown, wait for the mechanic to attend to you FOC. However parts/accessories changed will be charged accordingly by the mechanic. 

6. I'm not familiar with the roads and am not a strong rider, will I lose my way if I am left behind?
The route will be clearly marked by signboards with direction indicators and lots of marshals and traffic controllers. If you dropped out of the peloton, our riding marshals will assist to “tow” you back to join the peloton OR.. if you have fallen too far behind, our sweepers (in pick-up trucks or lorries) will pick you up and take you to the next available stop. Please FOLLOW all instructions by our marshals as your safety is our outmost importance!

7. What are the important time checks and reminders?

Day 1 : 31 December 2012 (180km)
5.30am : Open of registration lines & collection of rider plates. Check-in COMPULSORY!

6.45am : Arrival of VIP and ride briefing, Registration counter closes

7.00am : Flag off by VIP. 

9.00am:  Jersey collection counter opens.

2.30pm : Arrival of first wave of riders. Check-out COMPULSORY to collect your jersey

3.30pm : Last check out of riders. Jersey counter closes.

End of Day 1

Day 2 :  1 Jan 2013 (70km)
5.30am : Open of registration lines & collection of rider plate. Check-in COMPULSORY to collect your jersey if you have not done so the day before.

6.45am : Arrival of VIP and ride briefing, Registration counter closes

7.00am : Flag off by VIP.

9.00am : Collection of jersey for participants not riding on both days

11.00am : Arrival of cyclists at finishing line. Check-out COMPULSORY to collect lucky draw numbers

12.00pm : Arrival of Sweepers/Last check-out

12.30pm: Buffet Lunch, lucky draw and mock-cheque presentation

PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOUR INSURANCE POLICY OR POLICIES ARE NOT VOID OR VOIDABLE AS A RESULT OF THE YOUR PARTICIPATION IN THIS EVENT. ALL riders will be required to sign an indemnity form to clear the organizers and their agents of any legal proceedings. 
This is a NON-PROFIT making event and is organized by volunteers who have sacrificed much of their time, energy and money FOC, so they don't need to be burdened by legal issues after the event.


8. How to qualify for the lucky draw?
Only participants with VALID RIDING PLATES are eligible for the LUCKY DRAWS.
Your lucky draw numbers and goodies can be claimed at the finishing line by CHECKING-OUT whether you complete the ride or return to the finish line. The safety of your lucky draw tickets are your own responsibility. Lost ticket will NOT be replaced!

Riders must claim the prizes PERSONALLY. 
UNCLAIMED lucky draw prizes will be REDRAWNED.